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The provision of training programmes has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has made most training institutions to venture into online delivered training programs. Transitioning in this direction has not been easy, as most institutions had to learn how to deliver lessons online effectively.

Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre was privileged to receive six (6) scholarships from The International Labour Organisation (ILO) for the E-learning digital TVET modular content creation and e-pedagogy course from 6th to 31stJuly 2020 for four (4) weeks, and a total of 30hrs. The course was offered by the ILO Training Centre of Turin .

This training was specially designed for TVET specialists, managers and teachers of TVET centres to rapidly develop their capacities for transforming available materials to suit on-line delivery and also operate distance-learning programmes focusing strongly on multimedia, digital (incl. mobile) and interactive learning solutions.

The course was centred on instructional design models and strategies, reflecting state-of-the-art approaches with a focus on technologies increasing TVET users’ engagement, on developing e-assessment tools and on how to ensure quality in distance and online learning. The Lab also created an experience-sharing platform with learners connecting with other colleagues and using the latest e-tools designed to support TVET.

The course also gave participants the ability to define an E-Learning strategy that is suitable to their specific TVET-focused needs. The nominees for this training were Eng. Brian Makungo, Eng. Mwaba Matimba, Eng. Mpezilwe Simukoko, Mr. Andrew Mwanza, Mr. James Mwauluka and Mr. Leevan Mukonka. The Scholarships were part of ILO’s commitment to support capacity development and contribute to the deployment and sustainability of the E-learning platform at KGRTC.